Contemporary Classical Music Online: Composers and Bands

Our site offers contemporary classical music to listen to for absolutley free 24/7 from all of the best individuals working in the genres.  Our streams tend to focus on melancholy sounds that offer a perfect mixture of melody and texture.  The artists we tend to feature are both masterful with traditional elements such as harmony and counterpoint, but also explore modern extended orchestral techniques, as well as electro-acoustic effects processing of symphonic sounds.  LISTEN NOW  Our sets can include artists such as

Abandoned Toys      Poppy Ackroyd     Olafur Arnalds

Artesia                    Aythis 
                   Julianna Barwick 
Thomas Bergersen   Elmer Bernstein    Caprice
Sylvain Chaveau    Matthew Cooper         Dargaard

Elend               Danny Elfman             E.S. Posthumus

Dead Can Dance        Faun      Nils Frahm

Elizabeth Fawn     Phillip Glass        Greg Haines

Bernard Herrmann    Sophie Hutchings     Steve Jablonsky

Zoe Keating    Julia Kent      Library Tapes 

Lisa Gerard     Clint Mansell    Lubomyer Melncik

Natasha Nightingale     John Ottman     Fabrizio Paterlini

           Howard Shore          Tom Salta

Two Steps from Hell   John Williams    Worrytrain

             Hans Zimmer       and many many more!

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Modern Classical Music:

Classical music has come a long way since its inception and the boundaries continue to be pushed on a daily basis.  We spend a  lot of time listening to all of the curerent releases and feel quite confident we offer the most beautiful listening experience available online.