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  • 0901Our Classical Music Radio station offers a beautiful and gorgeous blend of the best, hand picked compositions in the contemporary classical genres, form its birth such as Milton Babbitt, John Cage, Henry Cowell, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, as well as pieces fom the neoclassical darkwave movement like bands such as Faun, Lisa Gerrard, Abandoned Toys, Dargaard, etc.
    Some of the composers from these Movements(Cage, Cowell, Glass, Reich) represented a new methodology of performance, which began to question fundamental notions of music such as notation, duration, and repetition, while others (Babbitt, Rochberg, Sessions) fashioned their own extensions of the twelve-tone serialism of Schoenberg.  The possibilities to pick from are endless, but we try to stay towards tonally centered compositions.
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    Much of the content that we stream online is exclusive to our site, as we have secured exclusive content deals with quite a few classical music composers, venues, and labels.  Our shows tend to feature heavily melodic music, with just the right amount of experimental exploration to keep things interesting, but always listenable and enjoyable.
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Our streams are constantly updated, on a weekly basis and highlight and feature a new release every single week.  Be sure to check back often to keep up to date with astonishingly lovely classical music!